Epic Drive: Part Two

Day 2 Map

Today started with a rude awakening. I was fitfully dreaming of hurtling down mountain roads, when I heard a strange sound outside my room.  I roused enough to realize what I was hearing: the sound of someone rustling my doormat.  My nerves came on full alert, and I could feel my heart pounding. Glancing at the clock on the bedside table, I saw that it was 5:45 AM.  “My fears were founded,”  I thought, “someone is looking for the keys![Read more…]

The Kindness of Strangers

These look like regular flip-flops, no? But in fact, they are the flip-flops of kindness.


Last week, I was taking a walk on my lunch-break from work. I have several routes that I’ve sort of “set” in the years gone by, one of which passes in front of  a veterinary office.  I was starting down that route, when I kicked a massive pile of dog poo.  I was trying to step over it, but apparently my depth perception was off that day.  Or maybe the pile was just that big.  Seriously–it had to have come from a dog large enough to ride on.

In any event, this did nothing to help my already foul mood.  Although I didn’t actually get much on my foot, my favorite pair of flip-flops from Lululemon were completely trashed.  They had already taken quite the beating from years of wear from lengthy walks, and I decided that it was probably time to let them go.  Looking around, I noticed that there was a woman dressed in scrubs walking a dog passing by.  I walked over to her and was trying to ask if I could throw my flip-flops away in her dumpster.  I must have had a really terrible look on my face, because she started apologizing and explaining the sidewalk hygiene situation.  (The techs clean it up in the morning and evening, but owners aren’t required to pick up after their pets, apparently.)  I waived her off and tried to make light of it.

Anyway, the lady vet allowed me to toss out my old flip flops in the garbage bin at the office.  Then–totally out of the blue–she said, “hey, I have several pairs of flip flops in my van.  Can I give you a pair?  They’ll probably be too big, but at least you won’t have to walk back barefoot.”  I was surprised and greatly appreciated, and she produced the above flip flops out of the back of her car.

I wore them back to the office, and washed my feet.  Now, they sit under my desk as a reminder that there are some very kind strangers out there.