Michigan: Day Ten

Currently, I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Ann Arbor Honda dealership, waiting for my car to be serviced.  The Ricki Lake show is playing on the TV, which would be really irritating, except for the fact that I’m on the internet!  The city, apparently, has a ton of free wifi hotspots.  Who knew? (Answer: locals.)

When I find things like this, I almost always react with the thought, “we are living in the future, and it’s AMAZING!”  Except, that type of thing always prompts the follow-up thought of, “oh yeah?  Where’s my flying car?”

That’s such an outdated image of the future though. I mean… flying cars, really?  They do exist, but they’re definitely not mainstream.  And I’m not sure they should be.  After all, regular car maintenance is expensive enough–can you imagine the cost of an oil change for one of those?  Or the traffic congestion in LA? It’s bad enough already, so I’ll pass.  This current “future”–where I can carry a supercomputer around in my pocket, contact my friends by telephone from the mountains of Wales, and take 2,000 pictures on a single “roll” of film–is miraculous enough.  And for dreams of a more technological future?  How about a space elevator and a Mars colony?   They sound pretty good to me!