Brooklyn to Michigan

Getting out of Brooklyn today turned out to be a rather complicated thing.  But it wasn’t because I was stuck in traffic. It was because it was street-sweeping day. This was a delightful example of how a culture can adapt to pressures–in this case, limited parking. When I went out to start putting things in my car this morning, I discovered that I was double-parked in:

That suggestion of blue you see is my car.

Since I didn’t really have a set time schedule, I was more bemused than irritated.  It turns out this is a weekly thing.  Politer people leave a phone number on the windshield so you can call and say, “please come move your car.”  Unfortunately, the person in the grey car didn’t, but a friendly local told me where the owner lived, and I was able to roust them out when I was ready to go.  Also, I had time to get one last picture of Ru before I left:

Half Shiba Inu, half Basinji, all cute!

That was probably the last of the majorly interesting things for the day.  I managed to get out of town with much less fuss than I had getting in, and had enough fuel left to make it to New Jersey before stopping.  NJ is one of the states where you can’t pump your own gas, but it was still cheaper than New York.

After that, I just drove and drove.  Near the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border there was a huge backup, so I ended up taking “the scenic route” to save time.  I don’t know if it actually ended up being faster, but it sure was pretty:

Pennsylvania is surprisingly mountainous–though compared to Colorado, they’re more like big hills than mountains.

I passed through Ohio (land of strict speed limits for non-locals), and then finally got back to my parent’s house around 11PM.  Sorry Mom!

Daily Driving Summary:

  • Hours on the Road: 12
  • States Driven In: 4
  • Miles Covered: ~640
  • Tanks of Gas: 2

Day 14 Map

I’ll be in Michigan for the next two and a half weeks or so, visiting friends and family.  I may not be posting every day (because there may not be “fun” things to report on)–but if I have anything that I think is particularly interesting or funny to share, I will.

Author’s note: I wrote this post on 9/7/2013, but for the sake of clarity I’m backdating the post to the day it’s covering.

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