Epic Drive: Part Three

Day 3 Map

Today’s drive was mercifully short.  My original plan for the day was to drive all the way from L’s place outside of Des Moines to another friend’s house in Dundas, Ontario.  But construction delays, combined with bone-deep weariness, the desire to see my Mom, and scheduling issues on the Dundas end meant that I “only” drove to Michigan.

The drive itself was not very eventful.  There was a fair amount of construction, but only one bit in Indiana really derailed me for any length of time.  Mostly, it was just driving and audiobooks.  Until, mercifully, I reached my childhood home:


My mother–an avid gardener–was eager to show me her, “squash tree.”  It’s a dead crabapple that she decided to grow squashes on, because my father didn’t have time to cut it down before he went off to a drilling rig.  Seems pretty ingenious, no?


I unloaded some extraneous stuff from my car, and then Mom and I went out to dinner.  Then we came back and talked about all manner of things until around 11PM.  I started to get ready for bed, then stumbled upon this gem from my childhood:


IMG_2838Cover translation: My Saint Book: on What they Did and Nature.

Dear Younger Me:
Could you please explain what you were thinking when you made this?
An Older You

I mean… there are just so many things that are weird about this.  (That go beyond the bizarro kid spelling.)  First of all, why did nature get tacked onto there?  I think that I started the book as just saints, but then ran out of things to write, so I just started doodling flowers and animals instead.  But really, I have no idea.  Also–if the book is about saints, shouldn’t it have, oh say, a cross or something on the cover?  Instead of a crescent moon, three stars and an american flag? (It may be that last thing that really confuses me.  Seriously, what on earth was I thinking?)

Anyway, I had a good laugh over that, then went to bed.  Tomorrow: Dundas and Toronto!

Daily Driving Summary:

  • Hours on the Road: 8.5
  • States Driven In: 4
  • Miles Covered: ~550
  • Tanks of Gas: 1 (though I’ll need to fill up first thing tomorrow!)
Author’s note: wrote this post on 8/22/2013, but for the sake of clarity I’m backdating the post to the day it’s covering. 

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