Michigan: Day Three

Tonight my mom and I had my godparents over for dinner.  The menu was roasted salmon, salad, and cauliflower rice.  That last dish is something that I make once in a while when A and I are in full on “healthy eating” mode.  It’s surprisingly tasty, but kind of a pain to make.  I thought I’d share the recipe here.

Ze raw materials. Since I posted a picture of this yesterday, does it count as foreshadowing?

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Brooklyn to Michigan

Getting out of Brooklyn today turned out to be a rather complicated thing.  But it wasn’t because I was stuck in traffic. It was because it was street-sweeping day. This was a delightful example of how a culture can adapt to pressures–in this case, limited parking. When I went out to start putting things in my car this morning, I discovered that I was double-parked in:

That suggestion of blue you see is my car.

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