The internet is a pretty crazy place. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I spend way too much time there. And it is also true that it’s a weird place. Maybe I love it because it’s weird. One of the weirder, most informative and most entertaining places I like to spend time is Reddit. It’s basically just a place where people post links to funny/weird/interesting/educational things they have found elsewhere. Other users comment on these posts in long conversations known as “threads”. (I’m writing this post for those who have not been on Reddit before. For those of you who read it on a daily basis, please excuse the detailed explanation.) There are also threads where people ask for advice or say, “Hey, I’m a person in {X} interesting job. Ask me anything!”

One of the most amazing threads I’ve seen yet started earlier this week. It’s entitled, What’s the craziest frickin’ thing you have ever witnessed IRL with your own two eyes?. There are a lot of weird stories there. Some of them are heart-rending. Some of them are gut-wrenching. A few are hysterically funny. It’s definitely worth taking a look at, if only to get a sense of how truly bizarre and amazing our world is.

That’s it for tonight. Sorry for not posting last night. I was otherwise occupied.
And now, to stop napping on my couch and go to bed!

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