Crystal Cove

A picture of a cliff by a beach with seagulls

Yesterday, MB and I decided to take advantage of the football-related lack of traffic and go somewhere for the day.  The somewhere we decided on was Crystal Cove State Park.

We spent a couple hours walking the 6 miles down the far end of the beach and back.  It was really gorgeous.  Along the beach you can enjoy the sound of waves and seabirds, and take in the smell of the ocean spray.  On the cliffs overlooking the beach are a lot of smaller birds, and tons of bunnies. (Cute!) The view everywhere was lovely, and it was a nice flat yet intense walk.  (Intense because you’re walking on sand for most of the hike!)

Overall, it was a really great day.  The beach was gorgeous.  If we’d planned things better, we probably would have packed a picnic to enjoy while we were there.  I’m pretty sure we’ll go back again sometime in the (relatively) near future to spend more time, and will likely bring such with us.

TL;DR: A++, would hike again.


The internet is a pretty crazy place. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I spend way too much time there. And it is also true that it’s a weird place. Maybe I love it because it’s weird. One of the weirder, most informative and most entertaining places I like to spend time is Reddit. It’s basically just a place where people post links to funny/weird/interesting/educational things they have found elsewhere. Other users comment on these posts in long conversations known as “threads”. (I’m writing this post for those who have not been on Reddit before. For those of you who read it on a daily basis, please excuse the detailed explanation.) There are also threads where people ask for advice or say, “Hey, I’m a person in {X} interesting job. Ask me anything!”

One of the most amazing threads I’ve seen yet started earlier this week. It’s entitled, What’s the craziest frickin’ thing you have ever witnessed IRL with your own two eyes?. There are a lot of weird stories there. Some of them are heart-rending. Some of them are gut-wrenching. A few are hysterically funny. It’s definitely worth taking a look at, if only to get a sense of how truly bizarre and amazing our world is.

That’s it for tonight. Sorry for not posting last night. I was otherwise occupied.
And now, to stop napping on my couch and go to bed!

Music Geekery

I’ve been taking voice lessons for about a month. That in and of itself is pretty exciting for me, but today I realized that, technically, I have the range to sing “Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” aka, The Queen of the Night’s Aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. This might not seem like a big deal to most people but it’s something that I’ve wanted to be able to sing for years. Probably because it’s incredibly high and artistically challenging, but also because it’s beautiful. If you’ve never heard it before, I commend it to your attention. In fact, you can listen to it just by hitting “play” below:

I can’t help but wonder…

“How the heck do all of these fashion bloggers afford the obscenely expensive clothes they wear?!” I’m working on a project at the office right now that requires me to read a lot of fashion blogs. There are all of these young women running around in Prada and Gucci and such. I can’t help but wonder how they’re affording such things. I’d assume credit cards, or, for the more established ladies, blog sponsorships. But I have to say, I really respect the bloggers who re-style and use vintage or “thrifted” stuff more than the fashionistas who wear expensive clothes. I guess it goes back to the “fashion v. style” post I wrote back in 2010. Dressing expensively takes less effort than dressing well in less expensive stuff.

I have to say, though, that the general populace seems to appreciate thrifted/vintage stuff more too. I own a pair of boots that cost $4 at a thrift store when my mom bought them for me fourteen (!) years ago. I’ve been wearing them a lot in the past few years–to the point where I needed to get them resoled–and practically every time I’ve been out of the house in them, someone has complimented them or asked where I bought my boots. This is not a scientific poll, but it does seem to indicate that people really appreciate “timeless” styles more than trends.

That being said, I still don’t understand how gals my age, who say they work as “freelance bloggers” can afford Louboutins. Maybe they have several other part time jobs?


A high-heeled shoe
Image via Shoe Minx