Do you have any idea…

How many people died so that you could vote?   Yes, dear reader, I’m talking to you.

"The signing of the Declaration of Independence"
Trubull's Declaration of Independence.  Image courtesy of Wikipedia

I saw that only about 20% of California residents voted in the election yesterday. So I did some research. Here’s what I found. Counting only people fighting on behalf of freedom* in the Revolution, The Civil War, and both World Wars, 669,016 people died IN COMBAT so that you could say who leads our country.  If we were to count all of the casualties due to illness, or in other armies, those numbers would be in the millions.

Does anyone think of this?  It doesn’t appear so.  People say they’re too busy, or it’s too boring, or too much trouble, or not worth it because the candidates all suck, or whatever to go and vote.  It’s infuriating.  There is no excuse, except being in the hospital or otherwise incapacitated, for not voting.

I hope that you went and voted yesterday.  But if you didn’t, don’t whine about the idiots in charge–you didn’t do anything to try to make it better.

*I’m loosely defining this as the Revolutionaries, the Union Army and US troops fighting in the two world wars.  We can add in soldiers from the Korean War, Vietnam and the current and past Shenanigans in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I don’t want to get into that political argument just now.  Please note, though, that I’m not trying to play down the loss of life in those conflicts.  However, the four wars named seem most vital to the freedom we now enjoy.

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