“Homemade” Truffles

Gourmandise Truffles

Last Friday, I went to a cooking class at Gourmandise Desserts with my boyfriend and a friend from work.  It was a lot of fun.  If anyone is interested in cooking French desserts, you might want to give their class schedule a look!

During the course of the three-hour class, we learned how to make truffles, toffee, and marshmallows.  Not bad, right?  Everyone was sent home with boxes of treats, a book of recipes, and some priceless knowledge.  (For example: makes sure that if you decide to mix your toffee with a spatula, that the spatula is heatproof.  Whoops!)

The picture of the final result really doesn’t do the truffles justice.  They look pretty nice in person!  Still, it gives you an idea of what they’re like… right?

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